Johnny Ramstedt

Helsingfors, Finland

f. 1970 Borgå

+358 400 447 068

[email protected]


2017 Papu Galleria Helsingfors

2017 Gumbostrand Konst & Form Sibbo

2017 Restaurang Elite Helsingfors

2016 Korjaamo Helsingfors

2016 Svenska Teatern Helsingfors

2016 Galleri Lohme Malmö, Sverige

2016 Gumbostrand Konst & Form Sibbo

2016 Skanno Helsingfors

2016 Restaurang OLO Helsingfors

2015 Restaurant Kitch Helsingfors

2015 Luckan Kyrkslätt

2015 Luckan Helsingfors 

2015 Restaurang OLO Helsingfors 

2015 VirgoHome Helsingfors 

2015 Jouto Design Helsingfors

2015 Skanno Helsingfors

2014 Galerie Art Room Helsingfors

2014 Kulturhuset Grand Borgå

2014 Skanno Helsingfors

2013 Scandic Hotel Marski & Simonsfältet Helsingfors

2013 Hotel Klaus K Helsingfors

2013 Urban A, Konstens natt Helsingfors

2013 Skanno Helsingfors

2012 Korjaamo Baari Helsingfors

2011 Lungi Helsingfors

2010 Waynes coffee Helsingfors

2003 Galleri Marski Borgå

2001 Nude Helsingfors


2016 Grönqvistska Foundation grant

I have during the last few years brought my art to various locations. This is part of my artistic way to work and to give everything a chance. To experience art there should be no additional hurdles. I think the same way about my creative process. The art is created after many inner thoughts and developments in the mind, the outcome is free and naturally. Freedom is for me  also very central. In the creative process it is what comes out randomly that allows the freedom but is also a challenge for the feeling.

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